With the start of a new year there are changes to be dealt with.  Remembering the right year to write on those checks that I seldom write these days used to be a big one.  This time there are a couple that stand out for me.

First and foremost, Sandy who has taken amazing care of us for more than 20 years has decided to retire.  This something I have dreaded for more than a decade.  Sandy has been rock-solid and incredibly consistent in her work, We will miss her greatly, but wish her the very best in this new phase of her life.

Finally, for the past 35 years when I have had a glass need (if you do glass you know what this is!) I have headed to Cline Glass in SE Portland, in the past 10+ years perhaps weekly.  Sadly, after many lean years Cline's is closing.  I will miss the experience, the access to just the right product and the friends I have made there.  Kathy will use the new-found time to increase creation of her very fine art.  Donna will take some time to chill.  Jim has moved on to a new career at Home Depot.  I am not sure what Terry's future includes, and I still remember Izzy, Tony and John.