And we are off!

Here is what it looked like as we were loading up to leave Portland on Sunday.  Our timing was good and we made it to Eugene without incident.  We have been in Coburg since then having some service done on our motorhome, spending nights in the service center's parking lot alongside the others who are having work done.  Since the weather hasn't been the best we have done a lot of store browsing, chilled at the library and found a couple of great restaurants and some that are not good.  Today, thinking that we would be there for an hour or less we decided to hang out in their waiting room.  On our past RV trips I have felt a bit out of place at some of the places we stayed.  I chalked it up to our travels being in red states.  After four hours sitting there today I am thinking that we are engaged in a lifestyle choice to which I am not politically aligned.  The TV in the lounge appears to be hardwired to FOX News.  I am proud to say that I refrained from participating in the conversations that went on.  Next stop- Medford.