Trying again

Well, I have continued to prove that without the discipline of a day job I am pathetic at maintaining a blog. It seemed so easy a few years ago, but now, with all of the time in the world I can't carve out a few minutes a week to talk about what occupies my mind about life and glass. I am going to make another effort, wish me luck. Today I had a training session to attend to learn more about a great opportunity the Oregon Glass Guild has over the next year. We have been granted an Encore Fellow, a seasoned professional with a long career at Intel who has recently taken an early retirement opportunity. Intel has partnered with a couple of organizations to provide this class of 200+ early retirees this summer with funding to work for not-for-profit organizations to learn about this sector which is very different from Intel in which they might craft an"encore" career. OGG has a member who is in this class of retirees from Intel who was interested in using his fellowship to help OGG. Long story short, with help from the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers this has been crafted and he starts at the end of October. While this is great news for OGG, the gist of today's post is about what happened while I was at the meeting learning more about the journey involved in this.

We live in a neighborhood with twisted streets. Just around the corner from us is a house on a street with a different name but the same house numbers. I left for the meeting about 8:30, Dan continued his morning routine, breakfast, Oregonian, a puzzle or two, check email and then head for a leisurely shower. As he was finishing this he toweled off and was leaving the shower when he looked up and saw two young women at the door to our bathroom. After a bit of back and forth where Dan was clothed in his towel it seemed these women were a new house cleaning team, headed for 6121, but on the other street. They'd been told the front door would be unlocked so all seemed according to plan. All were shocked, perhaps Dan least of all. He heard them gathering their supplies and heading out as he dressed, later wondering if it had just been a dream.